Launching STRATA

A workforce soft skills and behavioral analytics software solution for corporates

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Identifying The Right Soft Skills

With employees from different backgrounds, how do you identify the best training programme?

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Employee Skills That Determine Organisational Health

What are those skills that has an impact on an organisation as a whole?

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What We Do

We bring to you a unique HR analytics solution that provides real-time insights about the critical aspects of your workforce

Competency Profile

A unique approach to understand your employees by viewing their skills at an individual level viewed in a profile format.

Behavior Prediction

A combination of Behavioural Science and Machine Learning leading to an employee behavior predictions at workplace.

Focused Training

Understanding employee's skillsets leading to a much more focused training approach for maximizing learning and impact.

Culture Monitoring

A functionality that extends employee skills to being able to understand the culture of your company quantitatively.

Effective Hiring

With a quanitified approach to understanding human behavior, hiring the right individual becomes precise.

Higher Productivity

A well-trained employee and a perfectly functional team leads to higher productivity of the team and your company as a whole.

Our Products

We present to you some of our top products specifically designed for Behavioral Analytics 


A unique platform that combines the advancements in behavioral science and human psychology with cutting-edge AI technologies in the form of a one-of-a-kind Workforce Behavioral Analytics tool.

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A state-of-the-art Conversational Platform with our propriatary Deep Learning algorithms to better understand human behaviors and give you accurate and predictable personality insights.

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With varied types of skillsets and employees with from different backgrounds, how do you identify the best training programme?

7 employee skills that determine organisational health

What are those skills of an employee that has an impact on not just the individual but the organisation as a whole?

How to deal with unacceptable employee behaviour?

Every organisation is unique and has it's own standards. But some employee behaviors are generally unacceptable.