About Us

Who We Are

Nordforth is a group of young and energetic people with extraordinary ideas, capabilities, and caliber. We are a team comprising of top-class behavioral scientists, soft skills specialists, and engineers. We work relentlessly to bring unique software solutions that help humans realize their full potential. Our vision is to provide actionable insights about human behavior and soft skills so that people can upgrade to the best version of themselves.

Why We Do What We Do

The HR in a company is constantly trying to manage their workforce. With the field of HR analytics unfolding itself and new innovative tools and techniques coming up, the capabilities that lie in the hands of the HR to optimize their workforce are phenomenal. Some companies use talent management software that uses physical/factual data points like age, demography, date of joining, etc to derive insights that can help optimize the workforce and improve their productivity. Soft skills, although considered a critical data point when making decisions about productivity, have not been used so far in talent management solutions! Reason? Myth - It can’t be quantifiably measured!

What We Believe In

We believe that by deriving actionable insights about behavior and soft skills of the workforce on an organization, team and individual level, a lot of HR’s problems can be resolved in a phenomenal way! The execution/fulfillment of “talent management” responsibilities like learning & development, performance management, succession planning and recruitment can be improved drastically. Problems like reskilling of workforce, ineffective training investments, increasing attrition, project failures, and ineffective hiring/internal transfers can be solved in an unprecedented way. If corporates use a data-driven approach to understand the behavior and soft skills of their workforce using STRATA that incorporates cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Nordforth can help transform the productivity of your organization.

Integrate soft skills and behavioral analytics data in your everyday decision making to achieve results that you have never seen before!

About Our CEO

Balaji Ramesh

Hardcore Entrepreneur | Speaker | Independent Thought Leader | Business Advisor & Strategist

Balaji Ramesh started his career in entrepreneurship in early 2015 when he quit his job with Deloitte to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship! His hunger for solving problems from ground up led him to co-found GroomBaba in 2015. GroomBaba was an e-commerce platform that enabled consumers to book salon and spa appointments online. Owing to his incredible vigor and dynamism, he was nominated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as  “the most influential entrepreneur in Bangalore".

After Groombaba, Balaji worked with a couple of startups while closely studying people, processes and upcoming technologies that led him to find a niche for his next startup.

Balaji's innate curiosity towards human behavior and its outcomes in real life made him create Nordforth. Owing to Balaji's diverse work experience ranging from multi-national companies to small and mid-size enterprises and working with people in different work environments, he has been able to closely understand how attitudes, soft skills, mindsets, and behavior of people impacts the everyday outcome in organizations. He also analyzed how over a period of time, this impacts the efficiency of the organization staggeringly.

However, he realized that organizations have not been very efficient at capturing and utilizing these insights that are game-changers when it comes to increasing the outcomes of organizations. Since then Balaji has been collaborating with bright minds in the field of behavioral science, psychology, and technology to produce outstanding innovative software products.