7 employee skills that determine organisational health

What are those skills of an employee that has an impact on not just the individual but the organisation as a whole?

Jan 20 | 4 min read

Organisational Health is defined as an organisation’s ability to function efficiently, to deal effectively with change and to grow from within. Organisational health is the crux of an organisation’s functioning and efficacy. Employee skills are vital in the contribution of this parameter. Listed below are some of the note-worthy employee skills that determine organisational health.

Excellent Decision Making Skills
Speedy and effective decision making is the key to ensuring that work continues to thrive at the desired pace and provides results. The leadership in the organization should set note-worthy examples of decision making and also involve the team members in providing input to help arrive at effective decisions.

It is essential that is there is a smooth connect and flow of information across various units and factions of the organisation. It is thus crucial that employees are able to communicate effectively and pass on vital information freely without any distortion, both horizontally and vertically within the organisation.

Clarity in vision and purpose
It is highly essential that all employees understand the main purpose of the organisation and its goal. This will be the yardstick to measure any steps and decisions to be taken. Unless this is identified, people will be unable to find meaning in the tasks entrusted to them.

Employees who are self motivated to finish a task without a looming threat over their head are the most valuable indicators of the company’s health. When employees reek of happiness and positive energy at work, it indicates high morale and creates a productive and conducive atmosphere.

Team Player Mindset
It is essential that employees feel connected and work smoothly like parts in synchronization. When employees work in tandem with each other, the output is remarkable.

Employees who come up with suggestions and ideas are a boon to the organisation. They are the ones who can help in planning and execution of ideas and also contribute in problem solving.

Employees who are able to face stressful situations effectively and do not lose focus and vision even in challenging times can be considered the soldiers of the organisation. 

Recognising and appreciating the skill sets of employees is equally important in promoting the organisation’s health. It would definitely help to draw the attention of employees to skills that are valued and acknowledged by ones organisation. This will help create focus and direction towards productive habits. Thus the health of any organisation can be maintained by continuous monitoring and maintenance of vital skills among employees.

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